Wine & Spirits

Euro PP

Multi heads rotary capping machine


Plastic Insert
Press-On Caps
Pressure Cover
T Caps
Press-On Caps
Mushroom Plastic Corks
Glass T Caps
Aerosol Caps
Press-On Irregular Geometry Caps
Irregular Geometry Plastic Pressure Insert
Press-On Flip Top Caps
Tethered Caps

SPEED PRODUCTION: up To 1.200 Bpm - 72.000 Bph


  • STANDARD: structure with painted steel components. not washable
  • INOX EXTERNAL SURFACES (I.E.S.): external stainless steel components. Suitable for washing of the capping zone
  • WASHABLE: stainless steel components. Complete washing of the capper is possible (thanks to gaskets and labyrinths)


  • On caps chute: overturned caps automatic ejector - ionizer/dust extraction - uv lamp
  • Quick change format: caps sorter - caps chute - pick&place - containers handling
  • Others: motorized height adjustment - caps elevator




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