Personal care

Equatorque PP

Capper with brushless motors on rotary spindle control

The cam for vertical movement of spindles can be determined by angular position of the turret or by time. In this last case it is possible to replicate a closure cycle independently from the turret speed, assuring a constant inertia control.


Press-on overcaps
Press-on cover for cans
Flex spout
Press-on flip top caps
Plastic insert
Pressure cover
T caps
Press-on caps
Flex spout
Plastic caps with pourer - non refillable
Aerosol caps
Press-on irregular geometry caps

SPEED PRODUCTION: up to 1.200 bpm – 72.000 bph

CLOSURE HEADS: closure grippers


  • ULTRACLEAN / ASEPTIC: suitable for intensive cleaning with chemicals. split between capping and external zone by means of plenum / hydraulic labyrinth
  • WASHABLE: stainless steel components. complete washing of the capper is possible (thanks to gaskets and labyrinths)


  • On caps chute: overturned caps automatic ejector - n2 injection device - ionizer/dust extraction - uv lamp - caps washing
  • Quick format change: sorter (manual or automatic) - caps chute (toolless std execution) - body-guide assembly (toolless std execution) - ending terminal
  • Others: motorized height adjustment - multibody equipment - caps elevator - bottle neck cleaning - caps buffer