Household care

Euro VP

Multi heads rotary capping machine


Pre-threaded irregular geometry caps
Pre-threaded plastic caps for pouches
Pre-threaded flip top caps
Pre-threaded large plastic caps
Twist off
Tethered caps

SPEED PRODUCTION: up to 1.200 bpm – 72.000 bph

CLOSURE HEADS: magnetic syncronous heads • hysteresis heads


  • STANDARD: structure with painted steel components. not washable
  • INOX EXTERNAL SURFACES (I.E.S.): external stainless steel components. Suitable for washing of the capping zone
  • WASHABLE (UPON REQUEST): stainless steel components. complete washing of the capper is possible (thanks to gaskets and labyrinths)


  • On caps chute: overturned caps automatic ejector - caps washing - ionizer/dust extraction - uv lamp - bottle-neck cleaning - steam injection
  • Quick change format: caps sorter - caps chute - pick&place - containers handling
  • Others: motorized height adjustment - centralized lubrication - multibody equipment - caps elevator - caps buffer: twin hopper, flat buffer