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FT SYSTEM  reached a new  milestone this year 2014  in the control of the safety of baby food or other hot filled or pressurized food in 100% of the production and in a non-destructive way.  

After baby milk is bottled, it is left in quarantine in order to leave time to potential contaminants to grow in case of a problem during the bottling process. After that period of time, the traditional system is taking a number of samples from the quarantine and examine them. The way it was done till now was a destructive and statistical process. That is, the producer would take some samples out of the batch and examine them by piercing the container.

The big disadvantages of that process are that: 

a. it is only a statistical sampling check, you are not controlling all the bottles, just examining some of them, and from that information concluding that the rest of bottles will be all ok or all wrong just as the examined samples. It maybe that all are ok or not, maybe the ones analyzed are ok but not some of the other bottles which were not analyzed 
b. it is a destructive method: the analyzed samples will not be able to be introduced in the market even if there was no contamination. Our customer wanted to monitor each of his containers before going to the market.

On the other hand, with the new SDS700-LS of FT SYSTEM it is possible to control the spoilage in all the baby milk production since it is inline and not a mere laboratory sampling procedure.
That is, after quarantine, bottles or containers are reintroduced into a line in which 100% of the bottles will circulate on the conveyor and be analyzed by the SDS 700-LS. The system will determine the development of CO2 in a filled/sealed dairy containers. If the container was not will be developed. Containers not meeting the requested quality and safety standards will be deviated out from the production line.

A good customer of FT SYSTEM very concerned about implementing the maximum guarantees for the quality and safety of their products worldwide and which was familiar with FT SYSTEM very successful line of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy technology systems (TDLAS) for pressurized and hot filled beverage containers in a non-contact , non-destructive way relied again in FT SYSTEM to advance a step further in quality and safety.

FT SYSTEM has a wide range of equipment to serve the food and dairy manufacturers to help them to avoid any unwanted products in the market, claims from customers and at the same time reducing unnecessary costs and increasing efficiencies in the production process.

FT SYSTEM provides systems for the inspection and control all along the production line, for bottles and plastic rigid or flexible containers. They can start from the inspection of any shape or quality defects of PET preforms or empty containers, check the good capping, sealing or seaming of the containers, controlling the correct filling level, pressure in pasteurized and hot filled products, leakages of the product as well as label quality and conformity. FT SYSTEM can also check the weight on boxes.

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