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Arol’s present new flexible caps orienting, elevating, control and buffering unit.

The FLEX is a mechanical elevator for a single row of oriented caps, suitable for FLAT caps and for SPORT caps (both PUSH PULL and THUMB UP) as well as aluminum ROPP closures for speeds up to 90.000 cph (1.500 cpm). 

The FLEX is characterized by a vertical or inclined configuration extending up to 6 m or more depending from the line’s layout configuration. Equipped with a camera suitable for internal side cap inspection (deformation, ovality), it can be optionally integrated with a other control devices: up to 3 devices.

FLEX can be fit with various type of orienting units like centrifugal sorter (flat caps), pocket type (Sport or ROPP) as well as accumulation systems like Arol’s FLAT or SPIRAL buffers.